UnknowniumUnknownium [uhn-nohnuh’m]

noun   Chemistry

Number 135 on the periodic table, commonly referred to as the future element. slang: uncertainty, unpredictability

Symbol: Un; atomic weight: 12.2012; atomic number: 135

  1. An element of time. Specifically, it is the element that comprises future time. This element is often confused with chaos. Unknownium is the element that constitutes all possibilities and is neither positive nor negative. It is completely malleable and is most often impacted by an individual’s action, attitude and intent.
  2. Thought to be responsible for the development of human intuition or gut instinct.  Intuition is why humans often refer to how they “feel about the future”.
  3. Often considered to be increasing in abundance as we move into the technology age.  Unknownium is an element of time and therefore equally infinite.  What is increasing is our ability to create, our capability to conceive of new ideas and the possibilities they represent.  This new abundance of possibilities has resulted in an increase of our interaction with Unknownium, and therefore led to the perception that the quantity of the element has increased.

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